Cruisin' On Main


Cruisin' on Main Street 2017

It's almost time for the 17th annual Cruisin' on Main Street. The event will return to Downtown Manchester on Sunday, August 6th from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Rain dates are August 13 and August 20.

Show car registration begins at 8:00 AM. There is a registration fee of $10. The first 700 cars receive dash plaques.

New Event for Kids

A Hot Wheels Car Race Competition will be set-up at the show by the Gear Head Mafia Car Club to allow kids to select and race a Hot Wheels car on a specially designed race track. Handsome medals will be awarded to the winners in different age categories and every young competitor will be able to keep the Hot Wheels car provided to them. Cruisin’ is excited to help cultivate a new generation of car enthusiasts.

New Shuttle Bus Tour

Cruisin’ is working with the Manchester Historical Society to run a free shuttle van between the car show and the Manchester History Center on Pine Street. By providing easy access between the car show and the History Center, attendees will be able to view Manchester’s automotive history displayed along Main Street and displays of our rich Town history at the History Center. The shuttle stop will be located on Forest Street next the Forest St. Parking Lot and will run from 11AM to 2PM. The Tour and shuttle service are free.

Visitors enjoyed the following highlights from Cruisin' 2016.

Cruisin' 2016 Entertainment

Mass-Conn-Fusion Duo is a unique combination that pairs the up-right bass with saxophones. The styles of music range from Take 5 to Maroon 5. Jim is the founding father of Mass-Conn-Fusion and from the time he met Liz at the Conn Music Department they have performed a wide range of musical endeavors. Listen to them as they perform at the V.I.P. Hospitality Courtyard.

1029 the Whale, Hartford's only classic rock station, will be back this year. The Whale is Hartford's home for Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Queen and many other notables. They will kick off the day at 10:00 a.m., commercial free, and they drive you home with Connecticut radio legend Michael Picozzi.

The Crustaceans the Clams and the 9th Wave will sound off with surf music, a form of guitar led instrumental rock music that evolved in the early 1960's. They will be performing in front of Pinewood Furniture with dynamic and powerful sounds that lend tribute to the surfing and instrumental cultures.

The Eastern Chapter Over the Hill Gang Car Clubs, DJ, bring lively music and event announcements to continuously throughout the day. Visit them in front of the Forest Street Food court.

Popular local DJ Dale Griffith, will entertain at the Forest Street Food Court. Dale provides lots of fun for all age groups with juggling, music, dancing and some surprises.

Cruisin' 2016 T-Shirts

Hot off the press. Purchase your t-shirt at the Customer Service Office, Town Hall. $15.00 per shirt.

History about this year's shirts: Each and every car has a story. Lots of stories, in fact - of where and when it was purchased, and why, and of road trips and repairs and that rabbit's foot that once hung from the rear view mirror. Same with souvenir T-shirts, which will wind up folded in closets and drawers but when worn are special reminders of memorable days at concerts or festivals or, yes, car shows. Car stories. T-shirt stories. And sometimes, cars-on-T-shirt stories.

That's what we have this year. Visitors to Cruisin' on Main will as usual have a chance to buy a souvenir T-shirt, which typically features a single vintage automobile. This year, though, there are four cars pictured on the shirt, owned by four men who have each been involved with an event that in just 16 short years has become, well, the biggest thing in Manchester other than You Know What.

One T-shirt. Four cars. Four men. So many stories. See the full story in the Cruisin' brochure featured in the JI August 4th spread. Featured on this year's t-shirts you will find Ed Firestone's 1949 Hudson Super Six Brougham, Rudy Kissman's - 1952 Ford Crestline Victoria, Bob Barker's - 1978 Corvette and Paul Scappaticci's - 1954 Chevy Model 210.

Cruisin' 2016 - Miss Connecticut

Thanks to CITGO Petroleum, Miss Connecticut Alyssa Rae Taglia, will be attending Cruisin' 2016. She will be riding in ETCO-1 thanks to Cox Communication Systems. Miss Connecticut is 22 years old and comes from Wolcott, CT. Her platform issue is "Smiles for Seniors" - Enriching the Lives of Seniors Across America. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Dance Performance from Point Park University where she received scholastic honors in the form of a Dean's Scholarship, Artistic Achievement Award and Scholarship, Point Park Academic Scholarship and was on the Dean's List. Her scholastic ambition is to obtain a Master of Business Administration. Alyssa says that one defining moment in her life was when she was documented in the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts Library Dance Vault for her notated performance of Martha Graham's respected piece, "Heretic." She has learned from the Miss America Program that resilience is very important. You must never give up on your dreams and believe in the power of positivity and trust in timing. Since a very young age, Alyssa Rae Taglia has made one of her top life priorities to always give back and volunteer her time to many charitable organizations. Alyssa has a sincere commitment to advocate for, and enrich the lives of Senior Citizens across America and is the proud founder and director of her personal program, Smiles For Seniors. As an ambassador for Children's Miracle Network and by working closely with school systems, it is Alyssa's goal to bridge the gap between America's youth and elderly. "The best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person."-Andy Rooney

Thank you to event attendees for heeding the following safety reminders. They made for a safe show.

Quickly walk away from any vehicle that may be overheating, as to avoid any injuries.

Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, scooters, and pets are not allowed within the Car Show area.

Golf Carts and any other motorized vehicle will not be allowed except those used by the Cruisin On Main Staff.

Food , Beverages, and any other items should not be placed on any vehicle.

By Law, Alcoholic Beverages are not allowed in the Car Show area.

Sitting on, leaning on, or touching the Collector Cars is not permitted! The owners have devoted considerable time, effort, and funds to restoring and maintaining the bodywork and beautiful finish on these vehicles. Many truly are works of art.

Visitors are responsible for their own actions.

Thank you for observing the rules!